Bee Simulator 2019 – Questions Answered and Review

What is Bee Simulator 2019?

Bee simulator is a fresh entry in the category of simulation games. It has a beautiful design and is incredibly visually pleasing. It is basically a call to conservation told through the medium of gameplay. The message emphasizes the importance of bees in our ecosystem and how protecting their influence is incredibly important.

The controls are really smooth and the flight dynamics are well done. The graphics are enticing making the overall experience enjoyable. Tasks are given to you to complete in a small open-world environment (the park.) These range from collecting pollen to defending from adversaries.

The price point for this game is a little high for our tastes, but the game is well made overall. I would just expect more content for the price tag than what you are offered.

Is it Multiplayer?

This game has three player modes: Single-player, Co-op, and Vs. split-screen for up to four players. This gives you an flexible gaming experience and is a lot of fun to play with a group.

How to Drop Off Pollen in Bee Simulator

As you collect pollen outside of the hive, you will begin to fill up your honey pot. Once your honey pot is full, you cannot collect any more pollen until dropping off your stored supply. In order to drop off pollen, move close to the hexagon wall (it should be highlighted.) When you get close enough to the wall, it will automatically drop off your collected pollen.

Where can I get a code for Bee Simulator?

It is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. You can find purchase codes in your preferred platform’s store. For PC, you can purchase a Steam code at Fanatical.

For more information see the official Bee Simulator website.

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