Blocking Shots in NBA 2K20 – Tips and Tricks

Blocking in NBA 2k20 - Karl Anthony Towns image

This year’s 2K has had many changes in the gameplay and animations. This leaves many players wondering if there are any tips and tricks to increase their win percentage in the game. Bigs have seen an incredible change in their overall playstyle. Defense, in particular, has been a tough adjustment. Today we are going to give some great helps for those who want to swat a ball to the upper deck. Here are our top tips for blocking shots in NBA 2k20:

Have the right Badges

This year, badges are the most important thing. The most significant thing you can do to bolster your defense is to have players with defensive badges in the game. (For MyTeam, if a player does not have clamps, they are almost unplayable) To effectively block shots, the most influential badge is Rim Protector. Having this badge on gold or Hall of Fame is going to significantly boost your odds of blocking shots in NBA 2k20 without committing a foul.

The Circle is Your Friend

The half-circle under the basket is the best location to launch your block attempt. You can block anywhere on the floor, but it seems like the circle under the basket belongs to the defense. If you are in a proper position under the basket, your odds seem to be greatly increased.

Square Up Before You Jump Up

Tapping the L2 button a brief moment before you launch into your block attempt with square up your player. This seems to help give you the optimal animation for a successful block. Move to your spot, quickly press L2 and then begin your block attempt.

Defense is the key to getting a lot more wins this year. What are some other tips you use to lock down the other team? Let me know your tips in the comments below.

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