Can eSports Players Hear The Commentators

eSports are becoming more and more popular and, with the increased fame and fortune, they have become much more competitive. The players who make up these teams are the best of the best. In order to win a game, you must play to perfection and capitalize on the few mistakes of your opponents. Even then, the margin of victory is very small.

Why is Hearing the Commentary a Big Deal?

So, the question arises as to whether the competitors can hear the commentary live in-game. Commentators often reveal things that should be hidden from one team or the other as they discuss the state of the game. If one team were made aware of a trap set for them moments before that trap is sprung, that could drastically change the outcome of a match.

How Could They Hear the Commentary?

At many live events, the commentators are broadcast to the crowd in attendance. This adds a lot of excitement to the event as the play by play commentator and color commentator (hype-man) combine to describe the action in detail.

For most events, the commentary adds quite a bit to the overall experience. It is possible that the commentary could be loud enough for the players to overhear as it is amplified over the crowd noise. There is also the potential for the shouting crowds to give important information away as well. With all of the noise in the venue, it could possibly reach the players.

What Keeps Them From Hearing the Commentary?

That does not mean they actually hear it however. The players are all wearing noise cancelling headphones and the game volume is set so they can know what is happening in game. Combining this with the fact that professional teams are constantly communicating with each other and calling out their own plays, it is highly unlikely that they would be able to hear and act on the commentary.

This is proven in the gameplay itself. When you are watching eSports, you will constantly see players caught off guard by the opposing team. These set ups and play executions give us the indication that the players were not aware of what was coming next. Each venue is different and this might not prove true in every location, but we can feel confident in the integrity of the sport.

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