Dark Harvest Champs To Play Before They Get Nerfed

In case you haven’t heard, Dark Harvest is completely broken. I can imagine this will be fixed before season 9 begins, but until then, you should abuse this. At this point, almost every champion has a Dark Harvest build and almost all of them would be viable. Yes – it’s that strong. Here are some of my favorite Dark Harvest Champs for you to try out. Some of these can literally 1 v 9 the enemy team.

Dark Harvest Teemo


The little devil is going to be too strong until Dark Harvest is fixed. To maximize this Dark Harvest Teemo build, rush a Lich Bane as your second item. This will create an unstoppable  Q + Auto combo. Their health bar will actually melt away. The upside of going Dark Harvest on Teemo is that DH procs on abilities also. This make your mushrooms so much more powerful. Imagine the enemy running through a minefield of mushrooms and getting the magic damage plus the Dark Harvest proc stacked. If they are not full health, they are in trouble. This is way too much fun.

Dark Harvest Illaoi

Illaoi is one of my favorite champs and my “go to” pick if she is not banned in the top lane. Dark Harvest is obscene on her. You already have a ton of pressure in the lane and survive ganks better than most. Now when you get a 1 v 2 situation, use your E and ULT  giving you three extra tentacles. The amount of damage that you can produce in one or two W’s is ridiculous and you heal on each hit. After two or three items, you can split push with immunity or team fight for big plays.

Dark Harvest Mordekaiser

Morde is going to be strong this patch as well. If you combine Dark Harvest with Shield Blast, you will be dealing some legit damage. Morde excels in sustaining during the lane phase and few champs can out trade him. Against a melee opponent, it is almost a free lane. Mordekaiser was also indirectly buffed by the reduction in the dragon spawn timer. When Morde has a dragon ghost fighting with him, it is oppressive and now that can happen much more often during the game. Along with the fact that low ELO players just do not understand how Morde works, he is poised to wreck someone’s day.

These are three fun champs to try with the new Dark Harvest. Let me know your top picks in the comments below.

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