Dark Harvest Quinn Build – Updated for Season 10

For those who can play her properly, Quinn is always a strong pick. With this off-meta, Dark Harvest build, you can find a whole lot of success in a couple of different roles. With incredible mobility, you can impact the entire map. This makes Quinn a great choice for solo queue where you can not trust your teammates to carry you. Just get a lead and then apply pressure to the rest of the map snowballing to dominate the mid-game.


Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

Most people play Quinn with a Sorcery or Precision build. The Precision seems to have a higher win rate overall. I prefer to play as a full assassin and use either Electrocute or Dark Harvest from the Domination tree.

This is match-up dependent. If you need a little extra burst to win lane, Electrocute is your best friend. If you are playing for the late game, Quinn’s burst becomes obscene after stacks of Dark Harvest begin to accumulate.

Once you hit the magic number, the enemy ADC and other squishies should never roam alone. With your incredible mobility, you can swing around through the jungle and pick off a backline champ in the middle of a crucial team fight.

This gives you a ton of out of combat speed which works well with Dark Harvest Quinn’s kit. It also seriously enhances the burst damage of your first combo. Most squishies cannot survive a full rotation.

Dark Harvest – Crit Build

Static Shiv

Dark Harvest – Lethality Build

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Duskblade of Drakthar

Youmuu’s is a necessity with the Dark Harvest lethality build on Quinn. She still stacks lethality well and the extra movement speed is perfect for what you are trying to do – fly around the map and execute solo targets. Rushing a Duskblade as a second item seems to be incredibly effective. It gives you a way to blackout vision allowing for a few extra seconds before your target realizes it. Your incredible speed in the mid-game gives your opponent very little time to react. Quinn’s playstyle revolves around getting as many Valor mark procs in the least amount of time. Rotate through your full ability rotation with an auto-attack between each ability to consume the proc.

When roaming with your R, if your passive is up, you should have an immediate Valor mark on your target. Auto to come out of your R, trigger the proc. Immediately Q, and add another Valor mark. Then auto to consume that mark, E to proc another and auto again. That full rotation with full lethality is enough to obliterate most opponents except for the heaviest tanks. The crit build provides an incredible burst as well.

Any boots are viable. Use Berserkers if you are ahead, Ninja Tabis if you are behind, and Merc Treads if the enemies have a lot of CC.

Nerfed but still Bursty

In the top lane, the meta has shifted back. Darius and Garen are dominating right now. With tanks and bruisers being the choice most often in the top lane, Quinn lines up well. Her poke is consistent and she has a great disengage with her “E” to keep the big guys at distance. Her short-range does not match up well against other ranged top laners like Kennen. Teemo’s blind really disables her kit keeping her from taking advantage of Valor’s marks. But most of the other top lane champs are easy game.

Quinn was hit by the nerf stick and her play rate has dropped heading into the current patch, but she is still a powerful champion that provides a lot of mobility and burst damage. It seems Quinn mains are still having a lot of success with her. Her top lane matchups remain great and jungle is still viable as well if you play more like an assassin. Her ADC role is still viable as well even though it is not popular and there are some champions with a lot more power in the bot lane right now. If you play her well, however, you can still find a lot of success in the bot lane. Her kit gives other ADC’s a hard time especially with the reduced vision of her Q ability. Unfortunately, her short-range makes her weak against other ADC’s like Caitlyn or Ashe.

Can Quinn Carry – Hypercarry

For certain players, Quinn is incredibly strong in season 10. She may not have the highest win rate in three roles any longer, but she is still a powerhouse. I would recommend keeping her out of the jungle unless you are going to afk farm to mid-late game. Other champs have a much stronger early game in the jungle role right now such as Shaco and Graves.

I would keep playing Dark Harvest Quinn and abusing the burst potential with this rune setup. The scaling is outrageous and it is so fun to see the enemy health bar literally melt away in 3 hits.

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