Fall Guys – All Your Questions Answered

How Fall Guys Works

Fall Guys has taken gamers by storm and continues to be a fun and competitive experience. It takes the physics and gameplay from games like Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat and put them into a battle royale style foot race. Remember the TV show Wipeout? It’s sort of like that, except everyone is on the course at the same time.

Create your Fall Guy and race against 60 other competitors. The game will begin with all 60 racers trying their best to make it through the obstacle course in front of them. Each stage will cut down the number of racers until the final stage where you can win it all.

Are Fall Guys Skins Free?

Skins are a fun way to customize and personalize your Fall Guy. You start with a very limited selection of skin options. As you progress you can gain new items to add to your inventory. These are usually purchased in the in-game store. Two types of currency exist in the game. Kudos are given out like experience points – the more you play, the more you earn. Dubs are harder to come by. Dubs require wins.

With these two currencies you can acquire new skins as you play. There are some skins that are either earned or purchased with real life dollars as well. This gives a huge opportunity to show off your skills and style through your Fall Guy’s outfit. To see a full list of available skins check out this article at Fanbyte.

Can Fall Guys Run on Mac?

It is not officially supported. In theory, it can be run on a windows partition on a Mac, but the results are not verified.

Can Fall Guys Run on a Laptop?

This game runs only on Windows 64-bit OS with minimum requirements of 8gb RAM and 2gb hard drive space to install and at least a NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphics card. This game also requires a broadband internet connection.

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

No. At this time, cross platform play is not available. This has been an increasingly popular question for new games as they are released. While there is no official word about crossplay, I would imagine that the devs should have this on their radar. If there is any change, we will update it here.

Can Fall Guys be Played Split Screen?

No. This is a multiplayer online game. Only one person can play per console or PC.

Can Fall Guys be Played on Xbox or Switch?

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC (through the steam store). Releases for Xbox and Switch appear to be on the horizon.

Can it be Played Offline?

No, This game is a multiplayer only experience and requires a broadband internet connection. You will be automatically matched up with 59 other players to begin the first stage of a new game.

When does Season 2 Start?

Season two began on Oct 8, 2020

Who Made Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is developed by Mediationic and published by Devolver Digital. Mediatonic has developed some great games including Fable Fortune and Murder by Numbers. Devolver Digital has a robust catalog of games that can be found here.

Can You Play Split Screen?

No, this game does not offer a split screen mode. Only one person can play on each console or PC.

Can you Play with Friends?

Without a local option for split screen, the only way to play with your friends is online.

Fall Guys vs. Gang Beasts vs. Human Fall Flat

I put all of these games withing the same genre. They share a lot of the same mechanics and overall game physics but each one has a different goal. Fall Guys is a battle royale style foot race. Gang Beasts is a brawler, and Human Fall Flat is a puzzle solving game. Each one brings a unique twist, and all are extremely fun to play. Gang Beasts is hands down the best for multiplayer, but Human Fall Flat has some great multiplayer features as well.

What is Fall Guys Rating?

This game has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone and contains mild cartoon violence.

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