How to Wear Multiple Amulets of Talos in Skyrim

With this method, you will be able to equip multiple amulets such as the Amulet of Talos giving you unlimited shouts in Skyrim with no cooldown. Normally you can only wear one item at time in the necklace slot of your Skyrim character. In order to get 100% cooldown on your shouts, you will need to equip 5 amulets in that singular slot. So in order to equip more than one amulet follow these simple steps.

  1. You must be either a vampire or werewolf to begin. I recommend werewolf for two reasons. First you can become a werewolf early in the game but completing the first set of Companion quests. Second, the transformation animation is smoother and allows for a greater window in order to complete the next steps.
  2. Get a follower that will not react negatively to your transformation. Faendal is a good choice. You can get him early in the game and he is easy to find if you need to redo the method later (such as after the Thalmor Embassy quest.) You will find him in Riverwood.
  3. Move to an isolated area where there are no nearby enemies or NPCs.
  4. Simultaneously press the button to transform (beast form or vampire lord) and the button to talk to your follower. If timely correctly, you will transform, and the dialog box will open.
  5. Select the option to trade items with your follower.
  6. Give him all of your amulets. Do not leave any equipped.
  7. From your followers’ inventory, equip the amulets one by one. It is important the your equip each one individually. If you attempt to equip a stack all at one time, you will only get one instance of the active effect. If you equip each one separately, you will get an active effect for each one.
  8. Close dialog box and transform back. Just wait a few hours for werewolf on click the transform button for vampire lord.

Once all of these steps are followed, check your active effects and you should see instance of the effect for each amulet that you equipped. We have also tested wearing multiple types of amulets together and this appears to work as well.

Happy Shouting!

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