Is Madden 21 as Bad as Everyone Says? Yes and No

The newest installment of Madden is out, and football lovers everywhere are trucking their way into the endzone. Each year for a sports simulation game is a challenge. They need to improve the game in a substantial enough fashion to keep their player base satisfied with purchasing the same game over and over again. This year’s installment has some very mixed reviews.

So, is it as bad as all the critics are saying? There are definitely some hits and misses this year.


The gameplay feels smooth and the new stick play for the defensive side is a welcome addition. It is great selecting a lineman and going seamlessly through a combination of moves to try to get around the O line.

Face of the Franchise

One thing I did like a lot was the quality of the story in the Face of the Franchise mode. It had a good character arc and some interesting twists along with it. You go through a series of moments which define your career and the decisions you make affect the personality bonus that you receive.

The big miss in this game mode is that what you do on the field does not matter at all to the story. It creates some ridiculous situations in which you can literally have the best numbers in the league and suddenly be in danger of losing your job. The fixed storyline was a little frustrating, but overall an enjoyable experience. I’m not sure how re-playable this mode will be for a whole season.


This is basically the same as last year. Nothing to see here. Move along

Ultimate Team

I am a sucker for the card-based team building modes in sport simulations. This one holds a lot of promise. It is a little more difficult than other sports to get started just because of the sheer number of players you need to be successful. We will have to see how much attention this mode gets over the course of the year. The big question is if you can be successful grinding out the game mode or if it is simply pay to win.

The Yard

Saving the best for last, this game mode seems to have to most promise of them all. With shorter time commitments and the ability to play in a more arcade style, The Yard looks like great fun that will last throughout the game’s cycle. This is a 6 on 6 game with modified rules to mimic a backyard style football. This is perfect to play with your friends online or to matchup against unknowns to test your skills.

The Verdict

I know a lot of critics did not give this game a favorable review, but overall, it is not that bad. There is a lot of options to find something that you enjoy. The new things that were added are beneficial and the gameplay is solid. I’m sure it won’t blow anyone away with its quality, but it is still a solid game that a lot of gamers will enjoy for the season.

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