Avowed – Epic First-Person RPG

Obsidian Entertainment just revealed it’s new epic style RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora and it looks amazing. At the Xbox Game Showcase, we got our first look at this expansive adventure. As huge fans of the RPG genre, we have long been awaiting Skyrim’s heir apparent (I still to this day spend…

League of Legends

How to Play Volibear – Updated for Season 10

Where Does Volibear playBuild Guide – Rework BuildRune GuideVolibear Abilities – What to max firstVolibear CombosVolibear Jungle Routes and GuideVolibear Top Lane GuideWhat Counters Volibear Volibear is extremely strong right now and is an excellent pick for both Jungle and Top Lane. His reworked kit offers a ton of damage and some unique utility. He…

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How to Wear Multiple Amulets of Talos in Skyrim

With this method, you will be able to equip multiple amulets such as the Amulet of Talos giving you unlimited shouts in Skyrim with no cooldown. Normally you can only wear one item at time in the necklace slot of your Skyrim character. In order to get 100% cooldown on your shouts, you will need…

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Zoombinis Game Review

Zoombinis is an incredible puzzle solving game in which you attempt to guide these little blue creatures to safety. The zoombinis home has been slowly taken over by the evil bloats who have made their lives miserable.Your job is to help the zoombinis find their way to the safety of their new home of Zoobiniville….

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Blocking Shots in NBA 2K20 – Tips and Tricks

This year’s 2K has had many changes in the gameplay and animations. This leaves many players wondering if there are any tips and tricks to increase their win percentage in the game. Bigs have seen an incredible change in their overall playstyle. Defense, in particular, has been a tough adjustment. Today we are going to…

League of Legends

How to Use Kayn to Get Free ELO

Kayn is an incredibly flexible champion in League of Legends for the Jungle role. With his two forms, Kayn can adapt to any situation and become the type of jungler you need for the particular enemy team composition. This makes him a great champion to main because he accommodates a variety of different play styles….

League of Legends

How to Play Illaoi: A Complete Guide

How to Play Illaoi Illaoi is by far one of my favorite champions in League of Legends. She is an excellent top lane choice and is never completely out of the metagame. She excels at pushing the lane and putting a ton of pressure on the opponent. When pushed up, you are normally vulnerable to…