Which Country has the Best Gamers?

Gamers all over the world strive in competitive games to be the best. But which country actually has the best gamers in the world? A new research project from Kwalee Limited attempts to give a definitive answer using hard data to back up their assessment. So which country has the bragging rights?

Kwalee conducted this research using the top achievements from over 16,000 video game titles. With over 42,000 achievements to work with, they broke down the number of achievements earned compared to the population of the country. This provided a fair benchmark with which to compare how good each country’s gamers really are. So which country has the best gamers? Here are the top 10 countries according to their results:

  1. Finland
  2. Canada
  3. Sweden
  4. New Zealand
  5. Australia
  6. United States
  7. Netherlands
  8. Scotland
  9. Ireland
  10. France

Finland took the top spot in a field that is dominated by European countries. Six of the top countries are from the European continent, while the other four come from North America and the Australia, New Zealand area.

Keep in mind, this study is using achievements to base its rankings. It would be interesting to see a similar study that takes into account player performances in eSports as well. Competitive gaming does not always revolve around achievements alone, but this is a great insight into gamer culture around the world.

The study goes on to how specific countries rank in some of the most popular games as well as which country has the most love for some of the most popular titles.

For a full breakdown of this information as well as more in-depth analysis per game title, check out this article on Kwalee’s site.

Kwalee is a developer and publisher of what they call hyper-casual mobile games. Their titles include Draw It, Shootout 3D, Off the Rails 3D, Rocket Sky! and Go Fish! With over 300 million downloads, they are worth checking out.

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