Worms Rumble – What We Know So Far

What is Worms Rumble?

Worms Rumble is the latest release from Team17 in the popular Worms series. Marking Worms 25th anniversary, this game is an exciting evolution of this much loved title.

This game will feature a 32 person Battle Royale mode as well as a new deathmatch mode. It looks like an insanely fun game that has a ton of multiplayer potential. If sheep launchers, grapple guns, and jetpacks sound like fun, this may be the game for you. There will be a ton of cosmetic content as well

When does Worms Rumble come out?

In November 2020 it is in Beta, testing features like crossplay. The official release date is early December 2020. The game is available for preorder now on Steam and you can find a great deal on a key here at Fanatical.

Is Worms Rumble cross-platform?

Yes. It will be available on the PS4, PS5, and PC platforms and we have every indication that it will have full cross platform capabilities. Corssplay is one of the most sought after features in modern games and the devs have taken note. This will greatly increase the games popularity. Have fun with your friends no matter what platform they use (unless its Xbox).

Our First Impression

Looking at this game, we are super excited for it to come out. The extra game modes seem like they are going to be a whole lot of fun. We are especially excited about the Battle Royale mode. 32 players on some incredible maps will lead to a great player experience. I expect this to take a huge chuck out other Battle Royale game’s player base.

Once this game gets rolling, we will see how popular it gets. Adding all these new modes to a game as well-liked as Worms can’t be bad. We are expecting great things.

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