Zoombinis Game Review

Zoombinis is an incredible puzzle solving game in which you attempt to guide these little blue creatures to safety. The zoombinis home has been slowly taken over by the evil bloats who have made their lives miserable.Your job is to help the zoombinis find their way to the safety of their new home of Zoobiniville.

This game is an up to date remake of “The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis” first launched in the 1990s and is available on PC, Mac, and iOS.It is a classic puzzle-solving adventure that comes wrapped in a colorful world with a clever storytelling element. Each level in a new puzzle that challenges you to help the zoombinis to continue on their journey. 

What I like best about this game is that it requires critical thinking skills to decipher and solve each challenge. By discovering the pattern in the problem, you can lead the zoombinis safely to the next portion of their trip. Be careful though, too many wrong answers can cause you to lose some of your zoombinis and they will be forced to go back to the evil bloats.

It does not feel like an educational game by any means, but the complexity of the problem solving elements definitely keep your cognitive abilities engaged. For those looking for a fun way to stretch their mental muscles, this is a great way to spend some time. Since it is available on IOS, it is a great alternative to some of the more mind numbing games available on your mobile devices.  

Zoombinis is an overall excellent game. With complex puzzles and interesting tasks, you will enjoy finding the patterns and overcoming the obstacles in your way. Help the Zoombinis find their way through the challenges to freedom of Zoombiniville. You are their only hope.

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